We are currently accepting submissions for both the Magazine and Field Experiences.  


The Magazine:  We are open to work from geographers and geographically-inclined creatives of all stripes.  The two key components of the work are a geographic perspective and accessibility for a general adult audience. Formats include:  creative cartographies, essays on current events, films, personal essays, photo essays, poetry, reviews of accessible geographically-related material, and soundscapes.  We are open to other formats as well, and therefore if your work does not fall under one of those listed, please feel free to still contact us and we will consider it!


Field Experiences:  We are looking for activities that would allow geographers and non-geographers alike to personally experience 'doing geography' in some form.  These activities may come from course material, personal work, or academic work, but they need to be accessible to a general adult audience (e.g., no complicated equipment or specific training needed).  If you have an idea we would love to hear it!


Please email all inquiries to:


Formats for Submissions:

  • Text should be submitted as a word file (any hyperlinks need to be embedded).  Please clearly mark any unusual spelling or formatting. All submissions should include a tagline (1-3 sentence bio).

    • Curios - should be very short - 1-2 paragraphs and include an image and/or video.

    • Essays - can vary in length depending on the topic.  For op-ed-style pieces on current events please try and keep them to 1,500-2,000 words.

    • Interviews - can vary in length depending on the topic but we expect them to be edited and have a smooth flow.

    • Photo stories/soundscapes/video stories - we would like at a minimum short written statements of 1-3 paragraphs providing a context for any visual work but certainly anything longer will work (e.g., the origin of the idea, where/how it was carried out, its goals, reflections on a specific aspect of the piece that highlights a geographic concept - place, space, scale, landscape).

    • Poetry - can vary in length but we would also appreciate a photo (or we will choose one) and a brief context for the poems (1-3 sentences).

    • Practices - can vary in length but they should follow a logical flow, not require any advanced knowledge or training, and include photos and examples when appropriate.

    • Reviews - we accept reviews of books, films, music, events, and art installations that can be accessed (even if for a fee) by the public.  We are not looking for reviews of academic work from any discipline. Reviews should be between 1,000-3,000 words.


  • Visuals may be shared via Dropbox, Google Drive, or via zip files.

    • We will need at least one image sent to us if you have visual material hosted elsewhere (flickr, vimeo, youtube, etc.).  As long as we can embed a video or photo gallery we can link directly to your material. We need at least one still image for layout.

    • Still images should be sized to 1280x800 at 72dpi if you are sending them to us.  You may add any metadata you'd like to the images as well as an unobtrusive copyright watermark.  Please title the images as your last name_title_#.

    • Please provide captions for all images, watermarks indicating your authorship, or a link and source for an image taken from elsewhere on the Internet.