• Stanley Brunn

Museum of American Political Geology

Museum of American Political Geology

As I observe the presidential season in America

It is a mix of geology, archaeology, museum culture and comedy.

We have some candidates whose views are definitely Deep Paleolithic

Not in any way considered modern, postmodern or realistic.

Others seem to be displaying some evidence of moderation and “global warming”

Before retreating into the cozy worlds of complacency and denying.

And still others seen have a medical problem of microcephalia

Which resulted in stunted intellectual growth and thinking abnormalia.

We also cannot forget that those who seem to be more Cenozoic than democratic

Or who have views less republic and are more bullying and autocratic.

The candidates sometimes I think are mimicking a stand-up comedian

Then expressing views that one would expect of an aspiring natonal politician.

Often I think some candidates escaped from a natural history museum

Or perhaps after his year will be seen in an “unnatural” history museum.

There would be special rooms for a Rubio, a Christie, a Paul, a Carson and a Kasich

And a special guarded enclosure for a Donald and recycled room for a Bush.

Some candidates might appear in future exhibits as endangered species

While others might decide to recycle themselves as escape artists.

We would agree that the Republic museum exhibits would be more entertaining

Than the Democratic with only two who are running.

The Hillary and Sanders campaigns have their own theatrics

Appealing to different segments of the age/gender demographics.

This is not just y our usual museum in terms of architectural symmetrical delight

Facing the building are two doors at your left and ten at the right.

Sanders has a very modest room; Hillary’s has memories of her 2008 election fight.

Trump’s room has a wrestling ring, Bush’s family heirlooms and Cruz is at our far right.

One can watch fund-raising events and campaign debate re-rans

And weekly candidate approval ratings and their brain scans.

Some rooms will be comedy, drama and for college students

Others will be X-rated for mature adults.

My plea is for scholars to stretch their political geology gaze

In the remaining months, weeks and days

To embrace the embryonic field of political geology

That integrates political science, media and geography.

That will display for future generations the bones and brains of winners and losers

In a museum funded by off-track betting, political parties and wealthy donors.

The site location of the museum is to be decided soon

Strong candidates are Washington, the bottom of the Grand Canyon and the moon.

Admission is free, but one can make donations

Democrats to women and minorities. Republicans to gun lobbies and conservative white organizations.

Stanley Brunn is an Emeritus Professor of Geography at the University of Kentucky. He labels himself a cosmopolitan Middle Westener after being raised in small towns and rural areas in a half-dozen states and maintains there is more geography we don't know than we do know.


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