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Curio: An Octopus Geography

Inky the Octopus escaped from his tank at the National Aquarium in New Zealand in early 2016, after a cover was accidentally left ajar. According to experts, octopi are quite curious and like to explore. They're also very agile, with extremely mold-able bodies and very strong tentacles. These factors make octopus "escapes" rather common. Maybe Inky was just curious to explore but maybe he was also motivated by a desire to be free from captivity. Regardless of motivation, he found his way out of his tank, across the floor, and to a drain that took him back to the sea from where he came. Because he had previously lived in the wild, it is thought that he will survive just fine back in his ocean home.

For more, see: https://www.facebook.com/NationalAquariumNZ/

Photo credit: National Aquarium of New Zealand

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