• Bobbi Bogaert

Ocean, a poem

photo copyright 2016 Bobbi Bogaert

Ocean, you call me,

Demanding that I loosen

Human constraints

In your enigmatic presence.

Your waves are pulled to the shore

As my feet are drawn to meet you there,

Craving to be near you,

If only to walk your mutable line

Over the sands.

I could float on your surface

Or dive into to your depths

Mid capricious waves and alien fathoms,

Trying to feel the ineffable.

You give … you take …

You uplift … you break.

A sea anemone could teach me,

For all that I know.

You will never be my home.

Perhaps you are my birthplace,

The cause for my longing,

Your imprint in my cells,

Restless ancient mariners.

Your whisper … your roar

Your salted breath,

Your incessant dance

Command my senses,

Till the chatter of my thoughts …


Each time I return, I stand before you


With yearning

And awe …

Your prodigal child.

To learn more about Bobbi's work as an artist please click here.

#waves #sand #ocean

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