Field Experiences

This activity provides an opportunity to be creative in small chunks of time.  It is designed to develop awareness of the specific facets of your natural and...

This activity is designed to encourage thinking about the connections we have—direct and indirect, conscious and unconscious, intended and unintended—with oth...

Learn how to create your own story map using free Esri software and start sharing your unique geographies!



Why story maps?


What makes you and/or your communi...

How do you see your hometown?  Try this exercise to renew your relationship with the place that sustains you on a daily basis.


Union Station centennial celebr...



This activity is designed to help you develop your awareness of your immediate surroundings and to engage your physical senses.  Although this activity is m...


This activity is designed to help you develop your understanding of your own animal geography.  It may be interesting to do this activity with others to comp...

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Geography is not only the ‘maps and facts’ about the world we know from school and the news, it is also an approach to the world that is rooted in exploring complexity between people and between people and places in creative and participatory ways.  We have developed the following workshops and individual practices based on the curiosity-building tools of geography (mapping, storytelling, place-making, and exploration) to provide opportunities to "do" geography. 



We believe that engaging in the world encourages us to better know ourselves, our surroundings, and our relations with others near and far.  We invite you to use these activities to explore new or familiar places or to join us in one of our upcoming workshops.

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