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Who We Are 

The Coordinates Society is a mission-driven non-profit dedicated to fostering curiosity, connection, and compassion through geography.  Geography is not only the ‘maps and facts’ about the world we know from school and the news, it is also an approach to the world that is rooted in exploring complexity between people and between people and places in creative and participatory ways. We have 20+ years of experience as academics, authors, post-secondary and public outreach educators, and consultants working with multiple stakeholder groups.


Who We Consult For

Legal Services Providers on Mitigation Cases

Social Services Providers for custom empowerment programming for clients

Business or organizational entities in need of innovative problem-solving for workplace development.   

Issues We Address

Has your organization lost its way?

Do you have high turnover and can’t understand why?

Are you struggling to turn your diversity policy into a fully diverse workplace?

Do you want to reconnect your staff or quickly connect a new team?

Do you need to improve employee relations?

Are you struggling to address unconscious bias in hiring or policy?

Do you have a client with a difficult story to tell?

Are you looking for new empowerment experiences for your clientele?

Our Unique Approach: Mindful Geography

Mindful Geography combines the practices of secular mindfulness (self-awareness, attention to the moment, and a non-judgmental outlook) with the curiosity-driven tools of geography (mapping, storytelling, place-making, and exploration) to provide opportunities to transform and empower individuals and workplaces – the building blocks of larger organizational harmony and development.  

•    Customized consulting projects – No one-size fits all – We respect your geography

•    Intensive immersion – Our willingness to spend time getting to know your organization allows us to see things one workshop or one day of consulting will never uncover

•    We help create meaning – Our methods for organizational problem-solving are also developed with an eye to building long-term respect and compassion for and between employees.   

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