Our Organization


To cultivate a geographic curiosity and foster explorations of our individual lives, our connections to each other, and the world around us.

Our Foundation  

We recognize the world is awe-inspiring, and sometimes overwhelming, in its diversity and constant flow.  The field of geography provides a route into the enjoyment and challenges of participating in this dynamism.  Geography is a lens through which we can better understand the places we live in, how they are connected to the rest of the world, and how combining this external knowledge with reflection on personal experience can lead to inspired and engaged global citizenship. 

Geography | Greek for geo (earth) + graphia (writing)

A field that studies the attributes, distributions, and interactions of the diverse physical, biological, and cultural

features of the earth.


the geographic features of a place.


related to:  maps, topography, exploration, journey, discovery, adventure, travel,  wandering, voyages,


space, place, scale, home, away, connection, intersection

Coordinates | Latin for co (together) + ordo (order)

a system used to define positions on the earth


bringing different elements together to match or harmonize


equal in rank, degree, or importance synonyms: organize, arrange, harmonize, correlate,bring together, fit togetether, dovetail, collaborate,communicate, be in contact, complement


Our Name  

We chose the word coordinates because it contains all the layers of meaning that spoke to our vision of a new form of sharing geography and promoting connections.  We like that it not only designates a particular location, but that it also signifies a collection of things that are different yet each of value.  It signifies an openness - a coordinate can be anywhere but at the same time requires connection - it is a reflection that the world is layered in complexity, in place and space, in the unique and the universal.

We accomplish our mission by democratizing the forms of geography that reach the public while simultaneously cultivating public participatory geographies.  We aim to be THE 'coordinate' of transmitting geography among professional geographers, geographically-inclined creatives, and geographically-curious individuals from all walks of life.


We recognize that adults, like children, are fundamentally curious about their ‘place in the world,’ but this curiosity is not adequately nourished by the current public geography diet of compiled information or profit-driven media.  These existing forms do not speak, first of all, to an innate human curiosity and, further, the questions we have about what it means to be a human on earth.  Geography is information, yes, but it also discovery, curiosity, and passion.  Geography is knowledge of the world, but it is also a deeply personal experience of the landscapes and places around us.   Geography is critical thinking through assessment of information, but it is also creative by bringing new maps, new ways of seeing, and new knowledge into being. Geography is an art and a science.   


Curiosity, or the drive to question and wonder, has always propelled geography.  Geography, as a form of global storytelling, is a bridge to understanding the personal to the global, and encourages the recognition of inclusivity within a diversity of experience. For us, creativity and critical thinking are the 'coordinates,' the longitude and latitude lines, connecting and promoting curiosity using geography as a tool for engagement and reflection.



The Synergy of Coordinates Society


generate ideas

see new connections



bring into being

Critical Thinking







what is in the world

how the world works

how it interacts

making decisions








Our Structure


We believe that the synergy provided by a new intersection of information with personal experience and creativity will engage more people in geographic thinking, but that this synergy required a non-academic and non-commercial format.  We decided to incorporate as a not-for-profit cultural/educational organization in order to enable us the time and flexibility to produce and attract quality pieces.  We are officially recognized by the US IRS as a 501(c)3 entity.